25 Days of Service

Mayor Booker praises NJPIRG's Energy Service Corps in Newark's success in weatherizing 103 homes in 25 days.

Education Week

WISPIRG's Energy Service Corps educates 2,000 children about energy and the environment.

Make a Difference Day

CoPIRG's Energy Service Corps spend spring break making a difference.

Alternative Spring Break

Students decided to skip the party scene and spend their vacation weatherizing homes.

Energy Pledges

Students across California pledge to do at least 1 thing to save energy every day!

Our Mission

PIRG Energy Service Corps is a joint program of the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and AmeriCorps that works to educate and engage communities around energy efficiency.


PIRG Energy Service Corps is active in two states. Choose your state and community from the map below to get information on our local program in your area.

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Student Profile

Jim Laven, University of Colorado, Denver

As a part-time AmeriCorps member with CoPIRG’s Energy Service Corps and a student at the University of Colorado Denver, Jim Laven spearheads the community campus energy survey and energy efficiency upgrade effort on campus. Launching the project’s Green Office program, he and a corps of volunteers aim to perform energy surveys of every academic department and building on campus. He and his team have even partnered with the campus facilities manager to provide his department with the data necessary to upgrade the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems all over campus.

Jim also led a team to perform 30 energy surveys in the Denver area, helped to upgrade the energy efficiency of the Denver Inner City Parish, a human services nonprofit, and trained other interns and volunteers to also perform surveys in their home towns over Thanksgiving break.

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